09.18.17 // Do What You Want And What You Can't

There’s something really comforting about a routine. Sure we love all that teen angst I’m going to run away and be free stuff (not a phase mom), but with school starting up, and life kicking up a notch, the comfort of a routine can be oddly soothing. My routine has always been one of an introverted extrovert, I love being with people but have to have that time to myself to recharge (ie. people can really annoy me and I need some space).

Being in University, and generally living in life, taking time to yourself is hard. It feels like everyone has the same routine, and when you think yours is different, it feels off. You may feel like you are being lame by staying in, or you’re weird because you’d rather chill at a coffee shop then go to a day party with your friends. Everywhere around us, it feels like people are always together doing the same thing. It feels like there is one “way” to do things. And when you take time for yourself or decide you want to do something different than others, an idea pops in your head that you’re doing it wrong.

What always baffles me is this, there are 7 billion (and counting) people in the world, there is no way that we are all supposed to do the same thing. I believed as long as you aren’t harming others, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to live life the way you want. In reality, everyone has a different way they live. There is no reason to feel guilty for trying one of the billions of paths out there.

This video really hyped me up and inspired me to get out of my limits, hopefully, it’ll do something similar for you.

Stay gold,


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