08.30.17 // The Good and The Guilt ft. a Kid Cudi Quote

I want to live in a world where it’s not weird to love yourself. One where it's not strange to hae confidence. One where you don't feel the need to change your body every second. One where people don’t talk about how many calories they ate that day, or about how much they hate their body. It’s absurd to me that we are all placed in this world at the same time with the same amazing people we have yet focus on the guilt built up in their lives. 

Guilt is an emotion that serves the purpose of letting you know that you did something wrong.

How is it that we have come so far that “something wrong” includes saying you feel like you look good today? Why is it wrong to enjoy what you’re eating? Why is something wrong anything fried or covered in butter? It’s food. It’s life. It’s experiences not numbers or rankings. It’s not you “failing”, it’s you living. It’s what you deserve to be doing.

We are here, now, to embrace what has been put in front of us. And the view can will be as good as you want it to be. It’ll be that good when we let go of the should haves and the expectations and instead, live like we’re already good enough for the good life we want to live. Because, surprise, we always were, until someone convinced us otherwise and we took that lie as truth. 

Life can be good. 

Life will be good. 

That’s the way I want to live, and how I hope everyone else can live too. 


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