06. 28. 17 // How To Get Your Shit Together

We let people tell us we’re not enough. We believe. We try harder.

We go through pain. We go through hurt.

From these standards, external, unmeasurable, standards.  

I get to that standard, it changes. Life is fluctuating, as are people. They set another standard, say it doesn’t matter we hit that one, they don’t care.

I set my standards based on what I thought other people wanted me. I set my standards off assumptions. On what TV told me I wanted to be. Off odd comments. Off the millions of messages, we get every day to feel better. Instead of feeling safe, instead of feeling okay with my own self we convince ourselves we need to be the stereotypical labels that society tells us. Beautiful, honest, humble, brave, truthful. We created what those labels look like and we change them though. So if you always rely on external validation, you are never going to fit that definition. How are you supposed to fit a million people’s ideal beautiful person into yourself? We are all so obviously unique and yet strive to mediocre because we are convinced that without the quality the guy to our left has, or the girl to our right, we don’t have our “shit” together.

The truth?

No one has their shit together. (SURPRISE!) 

Because what I think having your shit together means, is different to you, so what are we trying to get to? Your definition or mine? 

And so we go through pain. We go through hurt. Racing towards the finish line that keeps moving forward. Like Gatsby, we reach for the green light across the water that has no intention of ever meeting us in the middle.