06. 16. 2017 // Tuesday Vibes > Fridays Expectations

“You have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday. You know those people who live for the weekends? They’re wishing their life away. You have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realise you’ve wasted your life away.”

- Drew Marvin, English Teacher

We live for the big moment. You know the ones. The ones on a beach, horses running in the back, fireworks going off. Those are the ones we live for, that is what they say. We’re taught from movies and from books, that the stuff in between is just a means to an end. But what if the means to the end were intrinsically valuable in themselves?

Every big event in my life, every celebration and countdown worthy day has been built up to such an extreme in my head. Once I hit that mark, I MUST be different. I’ll feel so different! I’ll feel like a new person! The day finally comes, and you can’t help but feel sad that you don’t feel different. Suddenly you’re “shoulding” all over yourself; why the f*ck don’t you feel different? This should make me happier? I feel the same? Something must be wrong with me. I’m the master at the shoulds, the what ifs, and the overarching expectations. This followed me all through my life, through all the big events. I never took the time to care about the little things because all I knew was to look forward to the big things.

 Fast forward 20 years - I’m not writing a sob story about how I’ve missed everything in my life, I got too much confidence for that. What I’m saying is after reading that quote I’ve learned that every day holds some potential for that firework moment. Sunsets at the cottage, laughing at my mom when she accidentally did a spit take, having my favourite song come in mid-501 streetcar sardine squish.

The Tuesday moments of the world are the ones that make up your life. They are the moments you recognise the mundane as spectacular, living in that mindset shows the little things in life that go by every day without you knowing. For me, it’s how I’ve been able to find happiness when I’m in a bad mindset. It’s the way that I can see little kind acts in the world. This isn’t some chicken soup for the soul shit either, try it out. When you look for good things and start to send out that good energy, there’s a reason it comes right back to you. Plus, you aren’t stuck living in someone else’s expectation of when you should be happy, you can decide. It’s the freedom of living in the Tuesdays.  

For more on sending out those good vibes, here's an UNREAL vid by Cartia Mallan (low key maybe high key obsessed) about the Law of Attraction and Manifestion (basically how to spice up your life, and live every day with those good Tuesday vibes.) 

Kate xx