03.08.17 // To Us, To Self, To All

This is a poem for International Women's Day, and one that I hope will make sense 365 days a year. You go. 

when you’re told to be this

and said to have done that

it’s easy to forget

that the world is opaque and you can’t see through people’s wounds as easily as stereotypes make it seem


labels only scratch the surface of that glass, 

forget about skin deep

we’re told that everybody is going to be looking at us so we should act a certain way

when in reality everybody is looking inwards to make sure they’re doing okay

standards made by people’s own insecurities hold us back from what we could really be 


to all the women, the girls, the people who relate

life your fvcking life

you’re not doing it wrong 


do what you can’t 

limits equal less, 

less life, 

less love, 

less strength 

and for what? 


definitions, repetition

you’re stuck, we’re stuck to

define yourself one way, the next day fvck that label and pass through 


fluidity, is the key to our identity 

if we label ourselves as one way or another we’ll just keep fighting what the best way to move forward is 



with all, 

I’m not just talking races, I’m talking classes, sexes, ALL 

we rise when we ALL rise 

humanity at the baseline us all. 


So here’s to the strong, 

which is you don’t you know. 

You got up today, 

did what they said you could never say, and said what you did was okay 

because it is. 


It is your life. 

And our life is blessed 

so don’t settle for less, 

then you are already capable of doing 

reality exists in the unthinkable.