Love your own Nonsense, a Lesson from Schmidt


I overanalyze things, and by things I mean pretty much every action, word or text I come across or produce. I always think about the millions of ways that that could be interpreted, because in my head it's all nonsense. 

"Wait he said, 'okay see you there'; does he sound annoyed? Or wait is he happy to see me? Should I say 'k' is is that way too sassy?"

It's a daily process that honestly, is ridiculous when I step back and look at it. The truth is everyone is really just involved in their own lives; they're not analyzing everything you say because they have their own shit to deal with. Yet I always used to think that everything I said would make a HUGE impact on people's view of me. I was really reserved and often held back things that I actually wanted to say. So instead of thinking of all the things that could happen if I told a joke, or said my actual opinion; I just did. People embrace weirdness I think because it's so refreshing to see someone whose comfortable with themselves.

Example A? New Girl's Schmidt. He's the loveable, flat out obnoxious, self proclaimed “player” that never holds back what he's actually thinking- and the best part? He's the representation of our inner voice, the things we don’t want to to say but defiantly think or have thought. Half of the things he says may be pure nonsense, but we love him anyways. It's exactly like us, half of the things we say may be nonsense, but people love hearing nonsense. It's so refreshing to hear a different opinion, and though Schmidt is a little extreme think of how much more entertaining the world would be with a little more Schmidt? 



See? Practically no sense, but still loveable. Put a dollar in the douche jar, love your nonsense, and embrace the weird because we're all just Schmidt on the inside.