GIFS for when you want to feel confident AF

We all need a little confidence booster sometimes, what’s wrong with flaunting your stuff? Use these GIFS as inspiration to get out there. 


For when you try to describe your hair as a “mane”, NOT TODAY YOU DON'T


That’s right, frizz isn’t here today. Maybe it’s maybelline? Nah it’s just your genes killing it.

For when you need to leave your room

Get out there! The world needs to see you and your talents, don’t hide behind your fears. Insecurity is fostered in secrecy, be loud and proud.

For when you feel like you feel like school’s getting to you.

Everyone goes through struggles academically. We’ve all had that “wait when did we learn that?!” moment in class. Work hard; but when you reach a breaking point I know how easy it is to start beating yourself up. Remember you worked hard to get to where you are, that didn’t come from you knowing nothing.  

For when the world seems to be screaming at you to change.

Advertisements, instagram posts, facebook photos; they can all add up to create an image in your head saying you should be better. Realistically , the only person you need to impress is yourself. Once you are happy with your own appereance, it doesn’t matter what other people think because you aren’t basing your happiness off their expectations. (Which I’ve come to learn, never really change.)

For when you see a straight ten

In the words of Hilary Duff, “why not?”

For when you accomplished......well anything

Whether you got a PHD or put pants on in the morning why not treat yourself to a little high five? It’s not going to hurt anyone.

For that early morning class

Sure there are bags under your eyes, your herbal tea turned into a red eye coffee and your sweaters inside out- but blast flawless and no matter what you’re bound to feel better.

Bottom line? You’re gorgeous and everyone here know it, so it’s time you started to believe it too.

Kate x